It's DRE's Official Talk Show! DBB or Dark Building Backstage! And it's new and improved! Yes, your regular host Jonithan Patrick Russell will now (as of Episode #29) be joined by his new Co-Host! This opens up the format considerably, where we chat about many random topics, as well as audio production in general, while still keeping you up-to-date on all the things going on behind the scene here at DRE!

Join us as we talk regularly about everything going on behind the scenes of this production company and others, discussing audio related topics such as motivations for characters, the development of shows and scripts, and other newsworthy stuff!



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DBB #30 (Released: 19th February, 2018) ALL NEW EPISODE!!!

Rated U - for Universal Audiences!

Join your hosts Jon Russell and MJ Cogburn as they discuss upcoming releases for both DRE and Darker Projects! Hear clips from both Robotz of the Company #88 "The Bounty Hunter" and DP's Doctor Who "Salvage Wars - Pt 1"! Plus, lots more fun!

(Duration: 23:15 Aprx.)


DBB #29 (Released: 12th February, 2018)

Rated U - for Universal Audiences!

Join us for the new and improved DBB as Jon Russell introduces his new co-host! You'll have to tune in to find out who! We think you'll enjoy the new format which features a pleasant conversation between these two very creative talents.

(Duration: 35:05 Aprx.)


DBB #28 (Released: 1st February, 2018)

Rated U - for Universal Audiences!

Join host Jon Russell as he makes a big announcement about a major format change coming for THIS show! Listen in for all the details on this, as well as updates about other shows we're doing, like Robotz of the Company and Magic, Monsters & Mayhem and more!

(Duration: 13:15 Aprx.)


DBB #27 (Released: 17th January, 2018)

Rated U - for Universal Audiences!

Join host Jon Russell for the first episode of Season 2 of DBB! This time Jon updates us about all the things going on behind the scenes of Dream Realm Enterprises, including news about the casting and production of the next episode of Robotz of the Company - #88 "The Bounty Hunter", as well as what's happening behind the scenes of our fantasy adventure series Magic, Monsters & Mayhem, as well as talking about other things ahead from DRE!

(Duration: 15:00 Aprx.)



Previous episodes...


DBB #26 (Released: 17th December, 2017)

Rated U - for Universal Audiences!

Join Jon Russell as he hosts the DBB Holiday Special for 2017! Jon talks about the past year of DRE's various productions, as well as the recent release of the Squiglies Episode of Showcase, Robotz of the Company's Holiday Special, and what's coming up for DRE in 2018! Which includes the Get 2 You Podcast, Book 2 of Magic, Monsters & Mayhem and so much more! Plus, some special holiday surprises and an exclusive Robotz Skit made specifically for this holiday themed episode!

(Duration: 35:00 Aprx.)


DBB #25 (Released: 1st December, 2017)

Rated U - for Universal Audiences!

Join host Jon Russell from his sickbed! Despite having a scratchy throat, Jon tells us about things going on behind the scenes! Topics included: Robotz of the Company, Magic, Monsters & Mayhem and a bit about the upcoming Get 2 You Podcast!

(Duration: 12:00 Aprx.)


DBB #24 (Released: 20th November, 2017)

Rated U - for Universal Audiences!

It's our Thanksgiving Podcast! This time Jon explains exactly what he's thankful for! Plus, all the latest production news on everything we're working on! Which includes Magic, Monsters & Mayhem, and Robotz of the Company!

(Duration: 15:24 Aprx.)


DBB #23 (Released: 16th November, 2017)

Rated U - for Universal Audiences!

On this episode we talk about the reasons for our break from doing this show for a few weeks!

(Duration: 09:00 Aprx.)


DBB #22 (Released: 30th October, 2017)

Rated U - for Universal Audiences!

On this episode Jon reveals the results of our latest casting call for Magic, Monsters & Mayhem! Plus, it's Halloween! And you can expect some surprises!

(Duration: 27:00 Aprx.)


DBB #21 (Released: 28th October, 2017)

Rated U - for Universal Audiences!

On this episode we talk about the making of the Robotz of the Company Halloween Special "The Haldrax Horror"! Spoiler Alert!!!

(Duration: 15:00 Aprx.)




Meet Your Hosts:

Jonithan Patrick Russell


Jonithan Patrick Russell (or simply "Jon" to his friends) was born in the Mountain State, otherwise known as West Virginia. Growing up, Jon had a couple of teachers who encouraged him to read and write creatively, which ultimately lead to his love of, and desire to be a writer of fiction (particularly science fiction and fantasy).

Influenced by the works of JRR Tolkien and Douglas Adams, and inspired by such classic television and film series as Doctor Who and Star Wars respectively, Jon and a small group of childhood friends grew up making audio recordings, and later home movies featuring original characters and stories of their own.

Having been educated via the Long Ridge Writer's Group and the NRI School of Photography, Jon had a passion for film making and radio production. Thus were his ambitions. However, family commitments kept Jon from moving away from his home state in pursuit of his lofty dreams, where he continued to dabble in the creative arts at home in his free time, eventually forming his own audio production group known as Dream Realm Enterprises in the year 2003.

Since then, Dream Realm Enterprises (or simply "Dream Realm" or "DRE" for short) have produced some of the best audio dramas and comedies on the web, utilizing voice talent from around the globe, and a talented (if small) regular group of actors, editors, and writers. Their greatest success possibly being their flagship sci-fi/comedy series Robotz of the Company created by Jon, but greatly developed by a collaboration between Jon and his troupe of actors, and a very talented writer known as Vince Stadon.

Jon continues to develop new shows, tell stories, and create interesting and compelling characters in his continued efforts with Dream Realm Enterprises, and hopes to continue doing so for many years to come.


MJ Cogburn


Marjorie Jayne Cogburn (or "MJ" to her friends) was born, raised and lives in Texas.  After going to school at Tarleton State University, MJ decided to become a teacher, an English Resource teacher, at that.  She taught school for 20 years.

It was thanks to the show Quantum Leap that MJ learned about audio dramas.  She helped out with acting, producing and writing shows for various websites:  Colonial Radio Theatre, Darker Projects, Dream Realm Enterprises, BrokenSea Audio Productions, Gypsy Audio, Misfits Audio and Giant Gnome Productions to just name a few.

She continues to work on and develop shows as the "Queen Empress" aka the creative force behind Darker Projects, and hopes to continue to do so for many years to come.         




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