06/09/2018 - SHOWCASE New Season Announced!!

DRE's anthology series Showcase is back in production with Season 4! Yes, we'll be bringing you all-new episodes of our anthology series beginning about mid-summer of this year! Our first episode of Season Four is a short story which is actually a sort of sequel to the Season Three episode "The Crossroad" which features the mysterious character simply called Baxter (played by our own Jeff Niles) returning in an episode titled "The After". More details on this new episode and Season Four of Showcase are coming your way soon! So, keep it here! And stay tuned!


06/05/2018 - Magic, Monsters & Mayhem Book 2 - COMING SOON!!

UPDATE: Dream Realm Enterprises is proud to announce that the second season (known as Book 2) of our fantasy series Magic, Monsters & Mayhem (MMM for short) will be returning later this summer with all new episodes, plus a new continuous story arc! This new story is to be called "The Dark Path of Lilly Fairheart" and will see a major change in the series' format! Played primarily for laughs in the first season, the show didn't take itself very seriously at all. But this time around we will be shifting things dramatically in more ways than one. From this point on, while there will remain comic elements, the series will transform into a more traditional fantasy adventure series with developing characters and deeper story telling. Our main cast members will be joined by new recurring characters who will move the story along into slightly darker territory as we introduce the Niece (Lilly Fairheart) of Waldo Riddendorf (Waldo will still to played by Jeff Niles). Bear with us as we update the MMM section of this website to include info on this new series of adventures! The series has seen many delays (mainly for technical reasons) and has been in production for about a year now. But we will soon be presenting this new season of shows to you starting later in the Summer of 2018! Stay tuned!


06/05/2018 - Re-Releases from DRE!!

If you aren't subscribed to our podcast feed, now is a great time to get hooked up! Not only will you automatically receive our latest releases (sometimes ahead of our regular release schedule), but you will also get exclusive content and re-releases! Lately, we've been re-releasing many of our classic shows, some of which that are no longer available here on the website. For instance, we've just released a special Omnibus Edition of our classic AVA Award Winning show Showcase "A Voice in the Dark"! So, get hooked up!