11/24/2017 - New DRE Podcast - Get 2 You - COMING SOON!!

PRESS RELEASE: Dream Realm Enterprises is proud to announce that we have a new podcast show coming your way in the very near future. This one will be an effort in personal wellness! Yours, mine, EVERYONE's personal wellness through positive thought. The idea is to have a show that helps us all deal with the day-to-day grind of negativity that the modern world throws at us. It's not therapy, but a community effort to spread positivity in all forms. We'll talk about many subjects from depression, to how to avoid negative feelings, to how to spread love and happiness, and so much more! Your host is Jonithan Patrick Russell who will have many guests along the way to talk about the things that matter to YOU! And to spread positive thought, love, joy and happiness in all its various forms. Check out the official DRE Page for Get 2 You now to see what it's all about! And check out our trailer! More info coming your way soon! Stay tuned.


09/07/2017 - Magic, Monsters & Mayhem Book 2 - COMING SOON!!

PRESS RELEASE: Dream Realm Enterprises is proud to announce that the second season (known as Book 2) of our fantasy series Magic, Monsters & Mayhem (MMM for short) will be returning soon with all new episodes, plus a new season long story arc! This second story is to be called "The Dark Path of Lilly Fairheart" and will see a major change in the series' format! Played primarily for laughs in the first season, the show didn't take itself very seriously at all. But this time around we will be shifting things dramatically in more ways than one. From this point on, while there will remain comic elements, the series will transform into a more traditional fantasy adventure series with developing characters and deeper story telling. Our five main cast members will be joined by new recurring characters who will move the story along into slightly darker territory as we introduce the Niece of Waldo Riddendorf (Waldo will still to played by Jeff Niles). Bear with us as we update the MMM section of this website to include info on this new series of adventures! We will soon reveal our new cast and characters on these pages, and the series creator (Jonithan Patrick Russell) will be discussing the show through all its various forms of production on current and upcoming episodes of our podcast - Dark Building Backstage (or DBB for short)! So, be sure to stay tuned for all this new information as it happens!


06/14/2017 - Robotz of the Company Specials Announced!!

PRESS RELEASE: Dream Realm Enterprises is proud to announce that we will be bringing you two brand new Robotz Specials late in the year! As part of Season 10 of ROTC, there will be a Halloween Special and the traditional Santicon Day Special! But this time it will all be a bit different as this will form a sort of two part story event with some very special guest stars! So special, in fact, that we can't tell you who they are! Well, we aren't about to spoil the surprise! This two part treat is currently in production! And it will set up the full 10th Season which will come your way in 2018! More info coming your way soon!