08/27/2018 - DRE Celebrates its 15th Anniversary!!!

DRE has actually been around 15 years as of this week! Yes, we started production way back in 2003, and we're still going strong! We've had our successes and our failures, and many setbacks over the years, but despite the many roadblocks along the way, we're still producing audio entertainment just for YOU! We still hope to keep producing, keep growing as a company, and to continue to bring you the best in online entertainment in many forms! So, watch this space, because we're going to keep surprising you! Mostly, we want to thank YOU, the audience, for listening to our work, and continuing to support what we do. We wouldn't do it without you!


08/12/2018 - DRE Now Has a YouTube Channel

DRE is now on YouTube! Yes, many of our shows are now available to listen to on YouTube! We're adding more shows daily, old and new, and soon a few YouTube Exclusives! So, see the link on the main page of this website to our YouTube Material! Spread the word!


06/05/2018 - Re-Releases from DRE!!

If you aren't subscribed to our podcast feed, now is a great time to get hooked up! Not only will you automatically receive our latest releases (sometimes ahead of our regular release schedule), but you will also get exclusive content and re-releases! Lately, we've been re-releasing many of our classic shows, some of which that are no longer available here on the website. For instance, we've just released a special Omnibus Edition of our classic AVA Award Winning show Showcase "A Voice in the Dark"! So, get hooked up!