5/6/2014 - Doctor Who - The Snare FIXED!!

We at DRE have been made aware that some of you have had some problem downloading Part Two of Dr Who - The Snare! We have re-uploaded the episode, and so the problem should now be fixed! If, however, any of you have any further problems downloading this episode, or any of our content, please email us (with the subject header "Download Issues") at: darkbuilding1@yahoo.com


4/9/2014 - DRE's Doctor Who Fan Series Returning Soon!!

We at DRE are pleased to announce the upcoming return of our Fan Produced Doctor Who Series! It's been away for a long time, and as many of your know, we've been planning and producing a new series to feature Jeff Niles in the title role! This will happen, and quite soon! We can now reveal that the new 3rd Season of the show will premiere in time for Easter!

We have one more adventure with our original Doctor, as played by Ronn Smith - "The Snare" which has now been extended into a Three Part Adventure! You can expect the first episode of this latest adventure to see release Easter Weekend!! And expect the initial teaser to be released April 10th! And the full trailer a couple days after that!

And then prepare for the debut of our new Doctor - Jeff Niles coming later this Spring in an all new tale! Jeff's debut story will be a three part adventure titled "Parasite of the Daleks"! This will be DRE's first story with the iconic Doctor Who villains! Expect more updates coming your way soon! Watch this space!