10/10/2015 - New Series - The ROTC 10th Anniversary Interviews - Announced!

PRESS RELEASE: Dream Realm Enterprises is proud to announce the coming of a brand new series of interviews recorded to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of the Botz! You've heard portions of some of these interviews during our 10th Anniversary Specials, but there was just too much material to include it all there! So, we've decided you have the bot given right to hear the rest of the material. In this series of interviews, you can do just that! We'll be starting a few days after the release of our 8th Season Premiere Episode #71 "Whatever Happened to the Robotz of the Company?" with an in depth interview with the man himself -- Joe J Thomas aka Putch McNuttich! We'll follow that up with weekly interviews from many of the cast and crew of ROTC all season long! So be sure to... stay tuned!