9/16/2014 - New DRE Podcast Coming VERY Soon!!

We are proud to announce the coming of DRE's newest podcast/talk show - The Doctor Who Is A Classic Podcast! The pilot episode is schedule to be recorded later this week, and will feature a frank discussion about the Missing Episodes of Doctor Who, as well as the infamous "Omni-Rumour". The proceedings will be co-hosted by Jeff "Zim Tron" Niles and DRE Founder and Executive Producer Jonithan Patrick Russell. Expect more news soon! Watch this space!


8/29/2014 - DRE's Doctor Who Fan Series Returning Soon!!

We are sorry to have to report that the debut of our new Doctor - Jeff Niles in his opening story, the four part adventure titled "Parasite of the Daleks" has run into some unforeseen delays in post production! This will be DRE's first story with the iconic Doctor Who villains and will be coming your way very soon! Expect more updates coming your way in the near future! Watch this space!


5/6/2014 - Doctor Who - The Snare FIXED!!

We at DRE have been made aware that some of you have had some problem downloading Part Two of Dr Who - The Snare! We have re-uploaded the episode, and so the problem should now be fixed! If, however, any of you have any further problems downloading this episode, or any of our content, please email us (with the subject header "Download Issues") at: darkbuilding1@yahoo.com