12/19/2014 - Robotz of the Company to Return in 2015!!

DRE is proud to announce that Robotz of the Company Season 8 is officially back in pre-production! Scripts are being written, the show is being cast, and things are shaping up for the return of the Botz real soon! Expect to hear some old and new cast members when the show returns! For more info coming soon, please watch this space!


12/13/2014 - DRE Takes Over Whispers in the Dark Podcast!!

Broadcast on Monday, December the 15th...

The DRE Holiday Party and takeover of Whispers in the Dark. We will be joined live by Ronn "The Doctor" Smith, Jeff "Zim Tron/Derrick/Dr. Filbot" Niles, Joe "Putch" Thomas and of course, Jonithan Patrick Russell! There will be pre-recorded interviews with Stefania "D-Funct" Lintonbon, Gwendolyn "The Enforcer" Jensen-Woodard, Sally "Squeak"
Wiget, and Kyle "Brisco" Borcz. We will premiere the Sultry Dalek #4 "The Holiday Dalek", and listen to various clips from the past of Robotz of the Company, and generally celebrate all things Dream Realm Enterprises. Plus, there may be a surprise or two along the way!

Oh, and we will be presenting the Top 5 Greatest Moments of
Robotz of the Company, as chosen by the Credator! LOL! SOUNDS like a GREAT SHOW!!! So make sure you have your favorite Holiday Beverage handy and prepare to Laugh and have Fun!