6/21/2016 - New Comedy Fantasy Series Announced - UPDATED!!

PRESS RELEASE: Dream Realm Enterprises is proud to announce the coming of our newest audio series! Premiering on July 1st of this year, DRE will start releasing the first of five All-New episodes in a series of our new comic fantasy series called Magic, Monsters & Mayhem!! From the creative minds and voices behind Robotz of the Company comes a new epic fantasy series that will be as funny as the Botz themselves!

This new series features such familiar names in the cast as: David Ault as Stephen the Sprite, the teller of our story, Deborah "Dr Betty" Adams as Rosa Dernhelm an Elven Princess with spunk and attitude, and the moxy to lead our motley crew of adventurers, Jeff "Zim Tron" Niles as the crotchety wizard Waldo Riddendorf, Dave "Tobok/P2" Weaver as Graybeard the Dwarf, the company cook, as well as other familiar names in the audio world such as: Dani Cutler, Viktor Aurelius, Pete Lutz, Joel Nisbet, Wayne Heyward and more!

The series is written and created by Jonithan Patrick Russell, who promises many laughs, lots of adventure (well... misadventure anyway), and more fun than you can shake a stick at! Stay tuned for more information coming your way soon! As well as a teaser trailer which should debut within days of this update! So, keep it here for all this and more!

Or, if you really want the skinny from the horse's mouth, join DRE CEO Jonithan Patrick Russell himself as he hosts a brand new mini-cast updating our fans on all things DRE throughout the summer! Which you can download from the main page of this website regularly!