9/3/2015 - New Series - Polygloms - Announced! - UPDATED!!

PRESS RELEASE: Dream Realm Enterprises is proud to announce the coming of Polygloms! It's an All-New show from the makers of Robotz of the Company! In fact, it's sort of a spin off! Coming in September will be a brand new shorts sketch comedy series set on the strange Planet Glum, where the Polygloms live! What is a Polyglom, you ask? You'll have to tune in to find out! The Pilot Episode titled "A Day in the Life of a Polyglom" is set to premiere the week of September 12th! The Pilot Episode features the voice talents of David Ault, Deborah Adams, Viktor Aurelius, Jeff Niles and Kae Woo, and is written by Jonithan Patrick Russell! This new shorts sketch comedy series will air monthly right here at dreamrealmsite.com! So, stay tuned!


9/3/2015 - Robotz of the Company Returns Fall 2015! - UPDATED!!

PRESS RELEASE: Dream Realm Enterprises is proud to announce the coming of Season 8 of Robotz of the Company! But that's not the only big thing going on in 2015! This also happens to be the 10th Anniversary Year of the show! We can tell you that we're hard at work on some very special Anniversary Programming!

It all kicks off the weekend of September 19, 2015 with the first of three brand new specials - the first one titled "Robotz of the Company - The Creative Perspective"! Which features a candid interview with series creator and head writer Jonithan Patrick Russell! In the other two specials - we'll be talking to both cast and crew about the characters you love, the behind the scenes ramblings that took place in the making of the series, and have a nice look back at some of the most fondly remembered moments of the past 10 years!

Then we will be bringing you a whole new season of ten BRAND NEW episodes of ROTC, which will all culminate in December with the season finale' -- an all-new holiday special with the Botz! It will be non-stop weekly zaniness from Dream Realm Enterprises and Robotz of the Company throughout the fall and winter months of this year! Stay tuned!