#201 - In A Haystack

Written by Mike Murphy

Due to sensor warnings about an imminent engine breach, Starship Captain Arthur Peterson launches all of his ship's escape pods, sending his crew to safety, while he pilots the vessel to a remote location. He later learns that the warning was the result of a computer virus. He now has to locate his crew, in the infinity of space, alone and with a malfunctioning main computer. If and when Captain Peterson finds his crew, will he only find more questions than he started with? And an even deeper, more personal mystery awaiting him?

Rated U - Universal Audiences


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(Duration: 29:50)


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Jeff Niles as your Host

H Keith Lyons as Captain Arthur Peterson

Eleiece Krawiec as the Computer

Diane Havens as Deb Malloy

Wendy Tremont King as the Narrator

Joe Stofko as Pask

Michael Liebmann as Thu





Post Production Editor: Jeff Niles

Executive Producer: Jonithan Patrick Russell

Producer/Director: Mike Murphy





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