#303 - Two Strangers

Written by Jonithan Patrick Russell

When two strangers meet in an average park, on an average day, their conversation becomes anything but average. Join us as we go on an emotional journey of healing and discovery in one of the most dramatic audio plays DRE has ever attempted.

Available now from Dream Ream Enterprises is "Two Strangers", which is an audio play like no other we've produced before! It's our first real foray into straight drama with this audio play. The play is a moving two character drama about a conversation which reveals life's pains and tragedies which come out when two perfect strangers connect in an everyday situation.


Rated U - Universal Audiences


Click HERE to download "Two Strangers"!

(Duration: 1:12:00 aprx.)


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(Duration: 1:14 aprx.)




MJ Cogburn as The Woman

Jonithan Patrick Russell as The Man





Post Production Editor/Sound Designer: MJ Cogburn

Executive Producer, Director: Jonithan Patrick Russell




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