#304 - Squiglies: Pilot Error

Written by Jonithan Patrick Russell

The SS Squig is a crashed space ship that is now home to the misfits of the galaxy. Join this motley crew as they try to cope with problems on a cosmic scale on a day-to-day basis without losing their minds. It's a long lost spin off pilot from the universe of the Robotz of the Company!

Rated U - Universal Audiences

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(Duration: 25:06 aprx.)


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(Duration: 1:29 aprx.)





Michelle Walters-Wilson as Captain Zandra Sladen

Jeff Niles as X-1113

Darrell Looney as Lt. Biz

Wayne Heyward as Doc Figit

Lisanne Heyward as Lisanne Sladen

Elie Hirschman as Dingleberry

Steve Anderson as The Squig Computer

Joe J Thomas as Putch

Jim Barbour as Sphinx

Jonithan Patrick Russell as Fiz Gizit





Post Production Editor/Sound Designer,

Executive Producer, Director: Jonithan Patrick Russell




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