#504 - Paint Me Dead

Written by Patti Cassidy



PI Red Ford is broke, until he gets a call from Lil Avant, an art gallery owner downtown. She's looking for a missing person. Red is shocked when he sees her. She's an ex lover of his, and hasn't changed a bit since the last time he saw her -- 50 years ago! Somewhere there's a hidden picture, and a mysterious painter with a grudge. It's Dorian Gray all over again, but with a fatal twist!


Rated U - Universal Audiences!


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(Duration: 2:15 aprx.)


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(Duration: 36:00 aprx.)




Russell Gold as Red

Pete Lutz as Dick

Lexi DeSollar as Lil

Ed Herman as Chatsworth

Jerry Kokich as Gurien

Lec Zorn as Maynard

Rachel Pulliam as the Poet

Liz Feltner as Peg

Kale as Maxin

Chris Hart as Conroy





Post Production Editor, Sound Designer,

Director & Producer: MJ Cogburn 

Executive Producer: Jonithan Patrick Russell





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