It's DRE's Newest Podcast! This show is about personal wellness.
Yours, mine, ANYONE's personal wellness, through positive thought.

We'll work together to bring light, love and positivity into all of our lives! In an effort simply to enrich our lives, each and every one of us!

And that's what It's about... spreading positive thoughts, words, and vibes. Sharing ideas and stories. Talking about problems, and shedding new light on them. Sharing positivity in all of its forms. Helping a community deal with negativity, with the goal of eradicating negativity from all of our lives. Maybe not permanently, but to help us all find ways to battle and beat the negative stuff on a daily basis.

We'll be talking about these subjects and so much more in an effort to get YOU to you! The Get 2 You (or G2U) Podcast's purpose is to talk about positive reinforcement. We'll be talking about the self, looking deep inside ourselves, and hopefully helping people to get in tune with themselves on a very personal level.

Join your host Jon Russell and our various guests as we talk regularly about ways to stay positive in an increasingly negative world!



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G2U #1 (Released: February 22, 2018)

Rated U - for Universal Audiences!

Dream Realm Enterprises is proud to present the First Episode of our new podcast called "Get 2 U"! Your Host Jon Russell is here to help you get in tune with yourself through positive reinforcement! In the premiere episode Jon sets up this new show by describing the type of things we'll be discussing in the future, while providing us with many positive thoughts this time around. Tune in to bring some positivity to your life.

(Duration: 30:00 aprx.)





Meet Your Host:

Jonithan Patrick Russell


Jonithan Patrick Russell (or simply "Jon" to his friends) was born in the Mountain State, otherwise known as West Virginia. Growing up, Jon had a couple of teachers who encouraged him to read and write creatively, which ultimately lead to his love of, and desire to be a writer of fiction (particularly science fiction and fantasy).

Influenced by the works of JRR Tolkien and Douglas Adams, and inspired by such classic television and film series as Doctor Who and Star Wars respectively, Jon and a small group of childhood friends grew up making audio recordings, and later home movies featuring original characters and stories of their own.

Having been educated via the Long Ridge Writer's Group and the NRI School of Photography, Jon had a passion for film making and radio production. Thus were his ambitions. However, family commitments kept Jon from moving away from his home state in pursuit of his lofty dreams, where he continued to dabble in the creative arts at home in his free time, eventually forming his own audio production group known as Dream Realm Enterprises in the year 2003.

Since then, Dream Realm Enterprises (or simply "Dream Realm" or "DRE" for short) have produced some of the best audio dramas and comedies on the web, utilizing voice talent from around the globe, and a talented (if small) regular group of actors, editors, and writers. Their greatest success possibly being their flagship sci-fi/comedy series Robotz of the Company created by Jon, but greatly developed by a collaboration between Jon and his troupe of actors, and a very talented writer known as Vince Stadon.

Jon continues to develop new shows, tell stories, and create interesting and compelling characters in his continued efforts with Dream Realm Enterprises, and hopes to continue doing so for many years to come.




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