Showcase Classics is a new anthology series produced and directed by Rachel Pulliam for Dream Realm Enterprises. From the pages of classic literature to revivals from Old Time Radio shows, Classics will present a variety of episodes from many different genres including mysteries, thrillers, horror, and comedy.



Showcase Classics Series Trailer #1



Cast List:


Cary Michael Ayers

Boyd Barrett

John Bell

Bradley T. Bosley

Delaney Brittingham

Bruce Busby

Evelyna Castro

Alexa Chipman

Anna Conway

Colette Feehan

Kayla Gill

Alex Gilmour

Frank Guglielmelli

Shane Harris

Peter Heimsoth

Glenn Hibburt

Katie Hickey

Julie Hoverson

Jerry Kokich

Pete Lutz

Dave Morgan

Andrea Richardson

Emily Smith

David Tallent

Marisha Tapera

Raymon Villa

Ted Wenskus

AND a special thanks to Tom Parsons for composing the opening and closing themes for Showcase Classics.





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